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Grow Your Vision

We are a straightforward angel group, investing into B2B-focused, tech-driven

early-stage startups in the European tech-ecosystem. Besides a competitive

ticket-size up to €100.000, we provide hands-on growth-support, a strong network and a broad spectrum of expertise. We are your proactive sparring partner

and take your startup to the next level.

How we
support you




working in alignment with our core values, we are

ready to invest in you and support your emerging business

with our expertise in the following areas:


Sparring and co-investor intros


Positioning and strategic guidance


Operational & network support


Sales sparring and lead nurturing


Location: Munich

Industry: Gaming, Neuronal Playtesting

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Philipp Zent, Tim Meinhardt

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fabbric Logo Kopie.png

Location: Barcelona

Industry: Fashion Tech

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Alba Rocafort & Hugo Cuesta

Daniel Dippold & Florian Huber (1).jpg

Location: Germany

Industry:  Talent Investor 

Stage invested: Seed

Founders: Daniel Dippold,

Alexander Grots, Florian Huber

Our Portfolio

Diorama x Bureau Betak - Undisclosed project 2.webp

Location: Zürich

Industry: Cloud Rendering Platform

Stage invested: Seed

Founders: Kevin Häfeli,

Christoph Buchli

Magic_Eric_Seb Kopie.png

Location: USA

Industry: AI / Deep tech

Stage invested: Seed

Founders: Eric Steinberger,

Sebastian De Ro


Location: Vienna

Industry: PropTech

Stage invested: Pre-Seed

Founders: Paul Lind, Lucas Iser, Alexander Kornell

63d28aac46be2a3f52dee35b_Technology Grafik.png

Location: Berlin

Industry:  FinTech

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Vincent Amn, Lenny-Campino Hartman, David Reichart

Trppn 1.png
trppn logo.png

Location: Vienna

Industry:  Music creator plattform

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Julian Raussmüller,

Philip Schütz, Michael Walcher,

Marko Kuncic


Location: Berlin

Industry: B2B SaaS Marketplace

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Oliver Allmoslechner

& Martin Ditzel


Location: Wien | San Francisco 

Industry: Space Tech

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Moritz Novak, Taras Weinl, Clemens Weisgram, Alexander Sebo


Location: Hamburg

Industry: B2B SaaS

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Julius Urban & Micheal Bach

Design ohne Titel-2.png

Location: New York

Industry: Webflow for the Backend

Stage invested: Pre-seed

Founders: Mike Mahlkow, David Nordhausen, Constantin Schreiber


Location: Vienna

Industry: Deep Tech

Stage invested: Fund

Founders: Andreas Riegler,  Wolfgang Neubert, Christoph Kanneberger, Stefan Haubner

"We value our partnership with ROI VENTURES.

Their contribution isn't just financial; it's about the broader perspective ROI brings. The way they connect the dots within

their network has been extremely beneficial for us."


Home Office
Laura Retouched Fulle res.jpg

Laura Raggl

Being a reliable partner who accompanies startup founders through their first or second investment round is my main motivation. With my experience as previous Managing Director of Austrian Angel Investors Association and roles in the venture capital scene I build a broad network, and as a result I am confidently capable of supporting startups in the best possible way.


Superpower: Networking Expert

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Julian Retouched Full Res.jpg

julian sachs

Having started as an entrepreneur before moving to the investor side myself, my personal drive is to co-create new innovations and to help founders get to the next level. Besides start-ups, I am fascinated about real estate and crypto.


Superpower: Problem Solver

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Niklas BeNesch

I am fascinated by innovative minds and visionary concepts. Having accompanied business angels and startups on their growth and investment journey, I am curious to share my experience with you. I see myself as a sparring partner who is passionate about scaling your vision and helping you achieve your full entrepreneurial potential.


Superpower: Scaling Expert

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Patrick Retouched social media.jpg

Patrick FUNKE

Don't swim with the current, address things straightforwardly - courtesy shouldn’t hold you back. As an entrepreneur, I realized that out-of-the box approaches are the best way to get things done, and that's the message I hope to pass on to other founders.


Superpower: Rational Thinker

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Marco Retouched Full Res.jpg

Marco Raggl

Be inspired by each other and grow together. Through good partnerships between investors and startups, competencies and contacts can be shared and multiplied. Progress and new perspectives fascinate me and I am absolutely convinced that this passion is essential as an angel investor. 


Superpower: Strategic Decision Maker

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